Why Floor Placement Matters When Shopping for a Condo

Are you starting to shop around for your next home, and you're seriously considering a condo? If so, know that the placement of the condo in the condo building can make a big difference. Here are some things to consider when it comes to floor placement.

Top Level Placement

While the top level of a condo building is going to have a great view, realize that these units may end up being the hottest. Chances are that you'll have sun exposure on more sides of the unit, especially from the roof if you are at the very top of the building. This can cause the unit to feel hotter in the summer, which can cause you to depend on air conditioning more than a lower level. Being on the top level also means that you won't hear footsteps from neighbors above you, which can make the space peaceful. The only thing you may have to worry about with noise is a shared wall with a neighboring unit.

West/East Placement

Do you love having the sun come through your windows in the morning, or do you like to have natural light when you come home from work in the evening? Your preferences may determine which side of the building you want to live on. Chances are that you won't have the option of an east and west exposure when it comes to condos for sale, so you should consider when you want to have direct sunlight in the unit. 

Lower Level Placement

The lower you are in a condo building will make it easier to avoid taking the elevator. This may be ideal if you want the exercise, or are just worried about what will happen if the elevator breaks down. The lower level units tend to be cooler as well in the summer, since you only have the exposure from the sun on one or two sides of the unit. 

Garden Level Placement

Many people love having a condo on the garden level, which means that your unit is on the ground level and easily accessible to the outside. It often means having a larger outdoor space, and easy access without having to take the stairs or an elevator. However, that garden level placement means that others can easily access your patio area. You don't have a private balcony that makes it impossible for others to get to, which means you may be more susceptible to someone breaking into your unit from the patio or stealing things that are left outdoors.

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