Things You Should Know If You Are Renting A House That Is Up For Sale

If you are interested in renting a house and find one that is currently for sale, there will be certain things you will need to know before you agree to rent it. When a rental property is for sale, the landlord might continue renting it out during this time until it sells, and this could affect you. Here are the top things to know if you are going to rent a house that is up for sale.

You may have to move out before you want to

When a house is being rented to a tenant and is listed for sale, the person who buys the house might not want to continue renting it to the current tenant. If this happens, you might find out that you will need to vacate the home within 30 days. You will always be given some time to get moved out, but it might only be a one-month notice. If you really do not want to move again anytime in the near future, you should be cautious if you rent a house that is for sale.

You may be required to keep it cleaner than you want to

Secondly, you might have to agree to keep the house clean so that potential buyers can view it and develop a favorable opinion of it. If you normally keep your home really clean, this might not affect you a lot. If you do not normally keep your house tidy and guest-ready, you might have a lot of extra work to do to for the showings.

You might have to leave for showings

You should also understand that you might have to agree to showings at anytime and on any day. Your landlord might tell you that he or she will give you a certain amount of notice, such as a day or a few hours, and you will have to agree to make sure your house is not only clean, but that you leave the house, too. Typically, people must not be home during showings, and this is designed to give prospective buyers more freedom to look around as they view a house that is listed for sale.

Renting a house that is for sale is not a bad idea, but it could affect you. If you are interested in finding homes for rent in your area, contact a real estate agency to help you locate some.

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