Plumbing Features To Inspect When Buying A House

As you shop around for a house to buy, you will find one you really like. Before you rush to make an offer on this real estate, you should thoroughly inspect the entire home to make sure it is in good condition. As you do this, here are several plumbing features you should inspect to make sure the plumbing system is in good-working condition.

The water pressure from the fixtures

Checking the water pressure from the plumbing fixtures is easy to do as it just requires turning on a faucet, but there is a better way to do this. First, turn on a faucet in the bathroom or kitchen. Next, turn on a bathtub or flush the toilet. Watch the water pressure from the first fixture you turned on to see if it changes or if it is weak or low.

Weak water pressure can be costly to fix, depending on what is causing it; however, this is a good thing to know before you buy a house.

Signs of water damage and leaks around the fixtures

The second plumbing feature to check involves looking for signs of water damage and leaks, and a good place to start with this is by checking around the toilets. As you look by the toilets, do you see any water coming out, or do you see signs that water sometimes comes out? Next, look at the ceilings and walls to see if you see water spots. Water spots on these areas may signify a leak inside the wall. If there is a leak in the wall, it can be costly to fix and can cause a great deal of water damage inside a home.

Signs of drain issues

The third thing you should check is the drains in the house, and you should check each one individually. To check a drain, turn the water on full blast, and then watch to see how well the water goes down the drain. If you experience any drains that appear to move slowly, it might be a sign of clogs in the lines. By checking this, you can know what to expect if you decide to buy this house.

If you suspect that a house has plumbing issues, you could hire a plumbing company to inspect the house for you. To learn about other areas of homes to inspect before making an offer, talk to a real estate agent today. 

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