New Mothers & Relocation: Different Ways You Can Cope

If you are a new military mom, it is important to know that this will be a very challenging yet rewarding time. Dealing with your spouse being away on deployments or having to leave at a moment's notice can leave a lot on your shoulders, particularly when it comes to raising your children. If you are new to the military installation, it is understandably more stressful.

However, it is crucial for all new military moms to know about all of the services available to help during this time. The following are some ways that the military will assist you with your children along with other resources:

Healthcare Benefits for New Mothers

The military provides very good healthcare for its members and their families. In addition to providing with regular healthcare services, it also provides instant access through its website on a plethora of mom-related topics including pregnancy, parenting, caring for a newborn, and registering your child for coverage. You will always be able to find the answers to just about any question you have.

Check for Military Mom Blogs in Your Area

It is well known in the military that the mothers have to stick together. If you do an online search of your base or post with the term "mom blogs", chances are you are going to find several. You can use these blogs to help build a network of friends and comrades, which can be so beneficial to new and seasoned mothers alike before, during, or after a deployment.

In addition to friendship, you will also see tips for raising your children in a military lifestyle, information on military discounts, life hacks, and more.

Getting Postpartum Support

One of the most vulnerable times for a new military mother is the postpartum period. This is a very emotional time for any new mom, but it can be especially trying for a military mom who is new on base. Add a deployment to the mix and you could end up in a very dark place.

Each post and base has different military family support groups that are designed to help families in need with almost anything they could need. Be sure to reach out to the family support group on your base or post if you are feeling like you need help during your postpartum time. Whether you need help with housework, a meal for the freezer, or just someone to talk to, they will be there to help.

These are just a few of the services that you can count on when you are living on a military base or post. Military relocation as a new mother can be tough, but there is help available if you need it.

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